Edible Oils

Mediterranean edible oils products: olive oil, seeds and aromatic oil

Discover Aliffod top-quality wide selection of Mediterranean edible oils!
Edible oils are an icon of Mediterranean diet, in particular olive oil is the chief ingredients of Italian cuisine. We offer a wide range of edible oils, coming not only from Italy but also from other European producers: from the most famous olive oil to aromatic and special oils. This precious product is a result of a selection that begins with moment of fruit pressing. Our olive oil is known for its particular taste and as an excellent condiment, but it has also beneficial healt effects and it is recommended as a basic element in cooking, in the gourmet foodservice and in restaurant cuisine.

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Olive oil is the symbol of Mediterranean diet and Italy is its homeland. Alifood offers only a strict selection of olive oils products.

We offer a selection of sunflower seed oils and grape seed oils, ideal for cooking and especially for deep-frying.

Aromatic oils are the very fantasy touch of Italian cuisine and at Alifood, we offer only the high quality and more tasty oils.

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