We care about Italian food tradition in exporting authentic Italian cuisine worldwide

Our approach

Italian food: our approach to international markets

We represent large-to-small-sized companies in foreign markets through export, local distribution, marketing and promotion with the most delicious products and traditional ingredients of Italian cuisine. Our aim is to make available to the International market the genuine culinary traditions and delights of Italy, promoting products with flavors, aromas and colors of their region of origin. We select and offer products which are strictly connected to the classic Italian gastronomic traditions, produced, manufactured, and preserved using the most advanced and innovative technologies to ensure they maintain their original quality throughout the point of consumption.

Our love for food pushes us, with an open minded attitude, to discover continuously new Italian products, tastes, forms and preserving technologies. We expertly provide our clients with the best through our well-established air, sea and land-shipping network. We provide not only quality food but also unparalleled quality service: our commitment to service is a reliable point for retailers, caterers and food industry worldwide. We select our products directly with manufacturers, we buy from them and acting for them as their low-risk buyer and as their export department

All of our products come from the leading food companies, which remain true to the classic Italian gastronomic traditions while using modern and advanced technologies to ensure the highest standards of quality, price competitiveness and protection of the environment and service. Food safety, product quality and provenance, traceability, environmental care are key drivers of our production requirements.

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