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The easiest way to be successful in the food market is create a refined image around your business. A further guarantee of quality and of the goodness of the products is the brand integrity. Accurate positioning and promotion are two other important aspects to help the sell-out of the product and an attractive packaging as well as a captivating trademark are the logical confirmation of the constant engagement to produce and commercialize genuine and Italian high-quality products. For all these reasons, we manage only products with the best organoleptic output and which preserve their natural properties in every single step of processing – production, logistics and sales.

At Alifood, we know the importance of the brand image and we service the needs of our international customers in five major categories:

  • 1. Name brand products
  • 2. Generic products
  • 3. Private label products
  • 4. Raw ingredient products
  • 5. House brand products “La Terra Amata”, a single trademark of basic products of the Italian diet.

We make available also a dedicated team of designers to suggest and plan an attractive and personalized packaging study, ensuring a real Italian image for the products. In addition, we put our house brand “La Terra Amata” at the disposal of our clients who want an authentic Italian brand and which transfers the immediate thought of traditional Italian cuisine. Focus on helping your business grow even if you are looking for private label manufacturing, we have a solution for all your needs: a true commitment to excellence in all we do.

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