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Complete supply chain and innovative logistic solutions

At Alifood, we define ourselves as “artists of the organization and management” of all activities about food products movement and relative information flow. In this term, we link producers and manufacturers on a global scale, integrating sourcing, marketing and managing transportation. We manage globally the supply chain and we control the inter-firm relationship of different business partners across countries in order to maximize the overall performance of their international business. The quality of our service is the same of our Italian food products: the best. For this reason, our global supply chain governance is the true heart of our competitiveness. We aim to ensure deliveries of high quality and precise and up-to-date information, but also an efficient management of all operational costs.

Living in an evolving economic system, we have learned to respond with innovative logistic solutions. We believe in an integrated management system and for this reason, in our logistic recipe there are two fundamental ingredients:

  • Comprehension and speed in satisfyng the new market needs and client requirements.
  • Reliability. We don’t claim be the cheapest, but we work hard to guarantee value for money at the client’s final consignment site.

Since 2012, we have been equipped for the distribution of frozen, chilled and dry products with our own platform based in the North on Italy. The richness of our assortment allows us to offer a personalized service, according to clients’ needs: we offer complete supply chain solutions to food importers, caterers, retailers and manufactures to identify, select, control, customize and ship products worldwide.
Our staff work hard to maintain a perfect control of social aspects and food safety, but also to respect the food and as well as environmental preservation. Today, we are proud to guarantee the following services:

  • 1. Consolidation of full dry and reefer -18° containers for all destinations
  • 2. Frozen and dry products preservation and storage
  • 3. Forwarding of mixed consignment lorries for the whole of Europe
  • 4. Re-binding and reconditioning of damaged pallets
  • 5. Picking and repacking

All process are monitored by our staff and managed as an integrated and unique company strategy. This makes the delivery of our product quicker and more convenient: exactly what our clients are looking from us. With our efficient and synchronized full governance of the supply chain, we are fully engaged to daily guarantee to our customers not only performance and cost advantage, but also the security of a regular and on time supply.

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