Technology applied to the Italian food tradition


Innovative food technology as best preservation solutions

Italian cuisine, culinary tradition and Mediterranean flavors: the Alifood team is tracking these trends and creating innovative solutions that meet or exceed current demands. Very often customers come to Alifood with just a seed of an idea. Our innovative team grows that concept into a market-pleasing product that leaves the shelf and heads to the table faster than anyone expected.

At Alifood, Italian tradition, good health and good taste are combined with innovation. Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation for serving up success. We are always working to provide the quality our customers demand, the innovation they seek, and the overall performance they require: the goal is to create and disseminate new and exciting products of Italian cuisine worldwide.

We believe in food technology research to maintain all original physical properties, particle integrity and all good tastes to export the true Italian cuisine all around the world. Our love for Italian food made us one of the most modern global food traders investing in food technology and food preservation techniques, in particular freezing and drying technologies. New technologies allow us to manage and export a lot of different food products, preserving their original freshness and guaranteeing value for money at the client’s final consignment site.

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